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Building Brothers Construction Limited stands as a reliable partner for development projects across New Zealand. In the development sector, we deploy multiple carpentry teams operating throughout the country, reaching as far south as Queenstown/Wanaka for construction projects. We have built over 300 houses to date and we proudly serve as one of the primary build partners for Wolfbrook Property Group in Auckland.

We work with homeowners, developers, construction companies, and various private or business clients engaged in building work to shape the future of developments. Covering everything from earthworks and concreting to the laying of foundations, plumbing, electricity, drainage, plastering and painting, cabinetry, and beyond, we take on every aspect of the development project with expertise and dedication.

When you choose Building Brothers Construction Limited for any development project, you don’t have to worry about builders’ guarantee. As Licensed Building Practitioners and Registered Master Builders, all our work is backed by a guarantee that covers the cost of rebuilds in case of unforeseen issues arising after our construction work. Our warranty will protect your deposit and cover structural defects for up to 10 years.

Fill out a contact form with details of your development project and a request for a quote. We provide upfront cost estimates within 24 hours.

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  • Decks & Pergola